Small Business Cash Flow_small.jpg  90% of small business failures are caused by poor cash flow. Put simply, not enough cash coming in the door and too much going out. Getting paid on time and managing your outgoings is critical to business success. Here you will find all you need to know about ensuring you get paid on time and developing effective cash flow policies.
Bring in the experts - how a collections agency can help
Few small businesses recognise the benefits of engaging a collections agency when a debt is outstanding. There is a common belief that the costs of commercial debt collectors make the practice financially out of reach for smaller operators.
Managing cash flow for small business
Cash flow is vital when it comes to managing the finances of a small business as research shows that around 80 percent of small business failures are the result of poor cash flow.
Critical errors in managing business cash-flow
Managing cash flow is an important function for every small business owner. Avoid these mistakes to keep cash-flow strong in your business.
Its time to get tough on late payment
Late payment is an ongoing problem and for many SMEs an unpaid invoice can be the difference between survival and collapse. So, how should SMEs handle a client who doesn't pay on time or simply won't cough up at all?
Even good customers can declare bankruptcy
Cash flow is the back bone of any business - an absolutely essential element for sustainable growth. Since the Global Financial Credit Crisis, companies which relied heavily on client payments were forced to take a second look at their outstanding accounts, some faced the realisation that their biggest clients had gone under. Let's look at how you can protect your business.
How to recover from stalled profit
Making a small business profitable is challenging, however maintaining profitability can prove to be the ultimate stumbling block for many small businesses. Under pressure to pay creditors companies take out short term loans to pay off bills that are due. This could be a sign that the business is in trouble.
The true value of your business
Knowing the value of your business is an essential part of understanding how well your business is doing today and assessing what it might look like tomorrow. Understanding the true worth of your business allows accurate evaluation of business performance and the adequacy of your income. Without this information, you do not  truly know how your business is doing given its assets, revenue or the industry it operates in; whether you are underperforming or well above the mark!
Successfully negotiating a payment plan with a problem customer
We've all had one...a problem customer that has used every trick in the book to avoid paying their account. In most cases the best way to deal with a problem customer is to negotiate a settlement or payment plan. However, doing this in a way that provides the best possible outcome for your business requires three key elements: preparation, careful consideration and common sense.
A short guide to calculating start-up costs
Entrepreneurs with the best ideas can fall at the first hurdle through lack of capital to keep their business afloat before it begins to generate cash and becomes profitable. Lack of working capital is one of the most common reasons small businesses fail within the first twelve months. In order to ensure your business gets off to the best possible start you should sit down and work out how much money you  are going to need to get your business off the ground.
Improving the efficiency of your payment system
Payment systems and processes are critical to business cash flow. If your business has inefficient processes you are effectively punishing yourself by extending the time it takes to get a payment from your customer into your bank account. However, improving your cash flow through process improvement can be surprisingly simple - sometimes it just takes a little time up front to reap the benefits in the long-run.

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