Small Business Cash Flow_small.jpg  90% of small business failures are caused by poor cash flow. Put simply, not enough cash coming in the door and too much going out. Getting paid on time and managing your outgoings is critical to business success. Here you will find all you need to know about ensuring you get paid on time and developing effective cash flow policies.
Tips to ensure you get paid 29 July, 2013
Cash flow is imperative to the success of your business and when customers fail to make payments it can make life extremely difficult for you, especially as you have your own obligations to meet.
Understanding cash flow and how to manage it - part two 24 July, 2013
Cash can often enter and exit your business at a frantic rate and for many owners of SMEs it is a difficult task to stay on top of.
How to forecast unpredictable cash flow 23 July, 2013
Creating a cash flow forecast is common practice for most SMEs and it's a great way to budget for the financial year.
Understanding cash flow and how to manage it - part one 18 July, 2013
The mismanagement of cash flow will more often than not leave your business vulnerable and could potentially lead to failure.
Four tips for collecting overdue debt 15 July, 2013
In small business it is essential to work with customers and suppliers that will provide prompt payment in order to generate healthy cash flow.
Chasing payment 03 July, 2013
In an ideal world all customers would pay in full and on time. Unfortunately this is often not the case and a customer's delayed payment leaves your firm out of pocket.
Healthy signs in the cash flow statement 28 June, 2013
Don't overlook the  power of  a cash flow statement, it might just help you identify where things could go wrong - and where opportunities can be exploited.
Best practice invoicing 24 June, 2013
Your invoicing process is critical to getting paid. Keep cash coming in the door by implementing best practice invoicing techniques.
When a customer goes bust 18 June, 2013
It can really hurt when one of your customers go bust. You are left with outstanding bills and wondering if you will get paid.
Supplier relationships and cash flow 06 June, 2013
For every small business, there will come a timewhen cash is tight. Maintaining a strong business relationship with suppliers can pay off when you are short on cash.

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