Small Business credit_small.jpg  Credit is at the heart of every successful small business.  Both accessing credit from suppliers and lenders and providing credit to customers are crucial small business management tools.  Here you will find information on how to manage your own credit policies as well as how to figure out what credit products are right for your business.
Questions to ask before applying for a bank loan 11 April, 2014
Financing your SME isn't always a straight-forward task especially when you are trying to grow your business operations. It's not uncommon for owners to seek a loan in order to fund the resources necessary for their business to exceed expectations.
Getting a better business banking deal 17 March, 2014
Due to the competitive nature of the banking market, banks can be willing to offer incentives as part of their aim to obtain new clients.
Freeing yourself from credit card debt 14 March, 2014
Over-using your business credit card is a common fault of many SME owners who find themselves in debt. Although credit cards offer a reasonable alternative to owners that can't secure other funding, the high interest rates and regular repayments make them a risky resource to turn to.
Four tips to secure a loan with collateral 16 January, 2013
When it comes to securing a loan for your small business it's natural for a bank to request collateral to help secure their investment.
10 invoicing tips - part two 20 November, 2013
Encouraging customers to buy your product is one step, encouraging them to pay can be a completely different challenge.
10 invoicing tips 15 November, 2013
To make sure your sales translate into payment, business owners need to ensure they stay on top of their bookkeeping and invoicing.
Classifying client risk 30 October, 2013
Classifying client risk is vital during economic uncertainty. This is especially the case in an economic downturn where problems with liquidity usually arise as sales and revenue streams aren �™t as fluid, resulting in late payment of expenses to your business.
Ways to improve your business credit 17 October, 2013
Every business decision you make, and more specifically every transaction, can have an impact on a bank or creditor decision to approve or deny your credit application.
10 tips to protect your business when a client files for bankruptcy 02 October, 2013
When operating your business, one of the most challenging scenarios you can face is when one of your key customers or clients files for bankruptcy, especially in the instance where you are left with outstanding bills.
How to secure a line of credit 19 September, 2013
If your business suffers inconsistent cash flow highs and lows, chances are that you have considered using a line of credit to remain flexible in slow periods.

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