Small Business credit_small.jpg  Credit is at the heart of every successful small business.  Both accessing credit from suppliers and lenders and providing credit to customers are crucial small business management tools.  Here you will find information on how to manage your own credit policies as well as how to figure out what credit products are right for your business.
Tips for maintaining your business credit 12 August, 2011
In today's tough economy, it's more important than ever for a business owner to maintain an excellent credit history. With potential lenders thoroughly examining your creditworthiness, you will want to make sure that your record is spotless and your business can prove its solvency.
Maximising Citibank Rewards for your business 27 July, 2011
Managing your business expenses can be a full time job, and even when you do it well, the only reward can sometimes only be an account in the black and no calls from your creditors. However, when you use a Citibank rewards credit card for your business purchases you can reap a variety of rewards. In Part 3 Timothy Ng, a regular contributor to, explains the benefits of the Citibank Rewards credit card.
SMEs and comprehensive credit reporting 14 July, 2011
Comprehensive credit reporting, or positive credit reporting, is exactly as it sounds- an inclusive reporting system that allows credit providers to access all aspects of a consumer's credit behaviour. But what has this got to do with small businesses? Two things: simplified credit checks and easier loan applications. Here we explain the key benefits of comprehensive credit reporting for SMEs.
Maximising Velocity rewards for your business 14 July, 2011
When you're in business, you need to make sure that every dollar you spend works hard for you, whether you're investing in quality equipment, new advertising or a stronger team. However, you can also make your business spending go the extra mile by collecting rewards points on your purchases with Virgin Airline's Velocity program. In Part 2 Timothy Ng, a regular contributor to, talks about how to earn Velocity points for your business.
Maximising Frequent Flyer points in your business 24 June, 2011
These days there isn't a lot of actual flying involved in accruing frequent flyer points with airlines. This can be great for small businesses where budgets don't necessarily extend to business trips but where rewards can be put to work for you. In Part 1 Timothy Ng, a regular contributor to explains the benefits of the Qantas Frequent Flyer programme.
Starting a new business with bootstrap funding 17 June, 2011
Most successful ventures don't require a lot of money to get going. Many entrepreneurs start with small sums - often $5000 or less  -  and then finance their growth out of profits. In other words, you don't need friends in the banking or venture capital business to build a successful enterprise from scratch. There are ways to start a thriving business without spending a lot of cash.
Things to consider before applying for a business credit card 09 June, 2011
Over the past few years there has been a lot of emphasis  on comparing credit card providers in an effort to get the best deal. You could save money on interest rates, fees and charges if you do manage to find a card with a better offer. This is especially important when searching for a credit card for your small business. However, before you do make the switch or consider applying for a business credit card, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.
Small business credit card pros and cons 06 April, 2011
Most small businesses will experience periods of reduced cash flow at one point or another. This can be a stressful period for smaller vendors concerned about defaulting on accounts payable or being unable to maintain the business during these times. A business credit card can seem a straightforward solution to immediate cash flow concerns, and most major credit card companies offer cards specifically for small business use.
The 5 myths of PPSR 22 March, 2011
The Personal Properties Security Act (PPSA) is one of the most significant reforms for credit and risk managers in many years and completely overhauls the way in which firms will register and secure an interest in property.
A credit crash course for small businesses 10 March, 2011
A strong credit rating is fundamental to small business success. For lenders it is a critical factor in determining the type and price of credit products available to you. These decisions will determine whether credit helps, ultimately helps or hinders your business.

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