Maximising AMEX membership Rewards for your business

The American Express (AMEX) credit card membership rewards program is a highly regarded client loyalty rewards program that can be extremely beneficial to business people. These rewards points are able to be redeemed for a variety of expenses such as travel, shopping and entertainment.

It is also possible to transfer AMEX membership reward points to corresponding loyalty programs like frequent flyer and frequent guest rewards that represent the much sought after airline and hotel reward structures.

AMEX credit cards are known for being generous with their rewards points and can help you amass membership rewards points at a faster rate due to the increased uptake by many merchants.

When you're using your AMEX card for business, keep in mind these two tips:

Link other cards to your account

You should consider linking additional supplementary AMEX membership rewards credit cards to your account, as you can benefit from these additional cards by accruing points.

In addition, there is no charge for adding these cards, so you could effectively register two of your key staff members as supplementary members- this not only boosts workplace morale but collates company expenses on a single account.

Take advantage of your bonus points

In taking out an AMEX membership rewards credit card, you will also be given a list of valuable bonus partners. When you transact any business with these bonus partners you will receive bonus points that are additional to the regular membership rewards points.

Your points will be seen to grow even faster if you make certain you use your credit card for large purchase items such as overseas and interstate travel.

The more you use your card the more points you will attract, therefore if you get into the habit of using your credit card for everyday items such as eating out, magazine subscriptions and fuel for your car you will also see the points accrue amazingly fast.

AMEX's own online booking service will also allow you to use your points with Webjet, Australia's largest online travel service, and earn instant travel rewards. If the booking you require can be found on Webjet you will be able to utilise your points to confirm the booking on the spot.

Rewards points can be redeemed from more than 1,000 travel agents where you can often receive special offers and frequent flyer points as well as book in at 20 AMEX hotel partners. You can also redeem your membership rewards points in a foreign currency when you find the need to do so.

Small business management made easier

If you are operating your own small business you will find it much easier if you use your credit card to help you with the highs and lows of business management.

This is especially important if your business demands frequent interstate and overseas travel. The AMEX business credit card can be used to even out your cash flow if you use the 51 interest free days to your advantage.

The AMEX Gold business card will give you both local and international travel insurance every time you travel without having to go through the hassle of making your own arrangements. To get the cover all you need do is make the booking for your travel on your Gold business card.

The AMEX Platinum business card, in particular, gives you privileges including full travel and lifestyle assistance as well as 24 hour assistance and advice.

The Qantas AMEX Business card is regarded as being the best charge card for many small business people as it provides you with everything the other cards offer plus Qantas frequent flyer points on all purchases.

If you have been looking around for a card to help you better financially manage your small business, a card that can help you with your cash flow as well as stock purchases can be extremely useful.

This article was written by Timothy Ng from  where he has a number of comprehensive guides to all types of credit cards.

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