Small Business credit_small.jpg  Credit is at the heart of every successful small business.  Both accessing credit from suppliers and lenders and providing credit to customers are crucial small business management tools.  Here you will find information on how to manage your own credit policies as well as how to figure out what credit products are right for your business.
Turning your credit policy into action 23 January, 2015
A credit policy that stays on the shelf is destined to fail. Bringing it to life is essential to success.
Managing supplier risks 05 November, 2014
Each time a small business extends credit to a customer, it's also taking on a level of risk as there is a chance that your customers may not pay you once you've handed over goods or provided a service.
My credit extension checklist: 10 rules to follow 15 October, 2014
Here is a comprehensive checklist for your business before you provide goods or services to a customer on credit.
More good credit practices to keep 24 September, 2014
Meeting your credit obligations is an essential part of staying afloat as a business, but it's equally important to ensure that other businesses are also holding up their end of the bargain.
Responsibilities of a credit manager 12 September, 2014
A credit manager is an individual responsible for managing the credit extension function of a business or organisation and monitoring credit accounts on an ongoing basis.
Debt financing for my SME 22 August, 2014
When it comes to raising the required funds for your small business, there �™s a range of credit options to consider. Depending on your business model and needs, you will require different types of funding, and debt financing may be one of them.
Equity financing for my small business 18 July, 2014
When considering forms of business funding, equity finance may be an option for your SME.
Good credit practices to keep 11 July, 2014
A clean, healthy credit file is fundamental to small business success. Maintaining an unblemished credit history is a significant advantage when applying for finance, as lenders will determine your ability to repay the loan based partly on the information in your credit report.
What is good debt? 06 June, 2014
Contrary to what many believe, not all debt is bad and incurring good debt can sometimes be the difference between your business stagnating or growing.
Seven tips before looking for finance 23 May, 2014
Starting a new business is an exciting time, but it's easy to get lost in the foresight of success and lose focus on the funding that �™s necessary.

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