3 ways to improve your workplace skills

Workplace interaction skills are invaluable at work. How your employees and co-workers see you can have a big impact on your business long term, as well as on your day-to-day life. Here are three quick ways to improve your interpersonal skills in the office.

Promote togetherness

Help employees thrive by creating a friendly, cooperative environment. Treat everyone the same, not like they're part of a hierarchy, and don't act like one person's opinion is more important than another's. Don't gossip about your colleagues. Always consider your employees' suggestions. After addressing a crowd, make sure you've been understood. If you follow these rules, they will come to identify you as a team player and someone who can be trusted.

Settle disputes

You know how to bring people together, and now it's time to become the person they can turn to when disputes arise. When employees or co-workers disagree, it can bring the mood of the whole office down, but you can improve the situation by taking on the role of moderator. Arrange to have a discussion with both of the aggrieved parties, and try to help them resolve their conflict.

Be an active listener

Active listening is becoming a lost art. Being an active listener shows that you intend to both hear and recognise another's perspective. Using your own words, repeat what the speaker has said. By doing this, you'll know that you've processed their words, and they'll realize that your answers have been genuinely thought out. Colleagues will feel more connected to you knowing that you're an active listener, and you'll develop a better understanding of them.

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