Essentials.jpg      Starting and running a small business is a massive commitment.  Unlike big businesses that can hire legions of staff to perform all sorts of roles, small business owners end up doing most jobs.  This section provides insight into some key issues for every small owner to think about.

Tackling technology issues for small business 13 April, 2011
A local survey conducted by Microsoft Australia in 2004 found 20 per cent of small businesses spend at least 10 hours a week coping with technology-related issues. Over 94 per cent of Australian SMEs now own a personal computer, with just fewer than half that number investing in a dedicated IT specialist for their business.
Intellectual Property laws 12 April, 2011
When starting up a new business, individuals often forget to look at protecting their intellectual property (IP). With the focus on getting a good credit rating, cash flow issues and running the day-to-day operations, most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) put copyrights and trademarks at the bottom of their priority list. However, IP can be the key to growth for a small business, particularly if you have a unique technology or innovation.
Home based business - what you need to know 05 April, 2011
There are plenty of advantages to running a business from home - all the money you make is yours to keep, there's less startup risk involved and you have the freedom to set your own targets and schedules. Plus, many home business owners can avoid the daily commute, which represents extra time that can be used to increase productivity. However, like all other new ventures, there will be obstacles in your way. Tax implications, specific state laws and keeping the work-life balance are genuine issues for many home-based businesses.
How to hire top candidates 17 March, 2011
Many small businesses have to compete with big companies for the best employees. Use these tips to attract and hire the top candidates for your company.
Three effective management styles 16 March, 2011
Being an effective manager means knowing when to use the right management style. Some styles, for instance, are more people-oriented, while others tend to focus on a project or product. The management style you select will depend on your people's skills and knowledge, available resources (like time and money), desired results, and, of course, the task before you.
Office management basics 04 March, 2011
In order to successfully manage an office, regardless of your company's product or even your customer base, you should adhere to some basic guidelines. Here are six areas that you should keep in mind.
How to create an orientation program 01 March, 2011
Being new, your latest hires often have lots of questions about the structure of their new company, its culture, and its goals. A good orientation program can answer many of those questions and start off new employees working in the right direction. Depending on how many new employees you need to orient, you may structure group orientations or take employees one by one.
Secrets to screening job applicants 23 February, 2011
Most recruiters agree that screening candidates is very time-consuming. If you really can't justify using an outside staffing service, here's some advice on how to climb out of the pile of resumes.
Creating a Budget and Sales Forecast 18 February, 2011
A pilot would never fly a plane from Melbourne to Sydney without a flight plan that explains how to get there. Yet all too often, small business people open their doors without clear plans to help them get where they want to go. One of the easiest ways to get there - wherever that is - is by creating a budget and sales forecast.
Ten things to consider when reviewing your business plan 02 February, 2011
Once you have completed your business plan, it's time to review your work. Remember, writing your business plan is a significant step in making your small business concept a reality. Therefore, you should review your plan carefully and ask others who you feel can provide sound advice to also critique your document.

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