Essentials.jpg      Starting and running a small business is a massive commitment.  Unlike big businesses that can hire legions of staff to perform all sorts of roles, small business owners end up doing most jobs.  This section provides insight into some key issues for every small owner to think about.

Strategies for business growth
Every business looks to sustained and manageable growth. Growth can be generated in a number of ways, but strategies unfortunately do not just fall out of the sky. It all involves hard work, like every aspect of running a small business. It also involves trying to step outside the day to day task of running the business to plan growth and analysing potential pitfalls along the way.
Dynamic staff training: a how-to guide
Well executed employee training sessions can prove to be a dynamic and engaging way to communicate ideas and knowledge to your staff. They can help transform recent hires into productive and efficient team members and equip existing employees with skills to implement new processes and take on new markets.
Paving the road to change
It is not easy to initiate change in a small business. Change can be as small as altering the behaviour of an individual employee or as big as changing a business-wide procedure but the common questions still apply. Namely, where do you start and how do you pave the road to change without coming up against a roadblock of resistance
The right name for your business
When you are starting your own business first impressions are critically important. In many cases, the first interaction a customer will have with your company is its name so, it's imprerative that you come up with something which encapsulates who you are as a business and also has a positive lasting impression. Let's get creative!
What did you accomplish in 2009?
2009 has come to a close and 2010 has already well and truly kicked into gear, but before you go and get bogged down in the day to day tasks of running your business, it's important that you take the time to evaluate the year that has just concluded. Completing this process as soon as possible in the New Year is critical if your evaluation is to be accurate and frank - if you leave your evaluation till later in the year you may not have a clear view of what occured and it may be too late to right your wrongs.
Five ways to win and keep customers
Winning new business in these challenging economic conditions requires a great deal of skill and determination. As we begin to emerge from the economic downturn, winning and retaining customers is key to the success of businesses. Here are five essential business strategies to help give you a competitive advantage.
Tips on security for the festive season
As we reach the end of another busy year and the fun and festivities of the holidays beckon, it's time to remind your employees and customers that not everyone is busy shopping and spreading goodwill. While we prepare for the celebrations of the season, cyber criminals and internet hackers are out thieving!
Eyes on the prize: the art of business strategy
In military-speak, the word strategy relates to the tactics used by a general to defeat an army. Although this might seem worlds away from your business, you should not underestimate the impact of good strategy on your company's success.
Small business strategies for minimising expenses and maximising revenue
A small business lives and dies on its ability to maintain cash flow whether in a boom economy or more challenging times. It's a constant challenge for any business owner to juggle client expectations and maintain output levels while doing so within budget and at the very heart of this challenge is the revenue less expenses dictum.
Buying a business
One way of avoiding some of the pitfalls generally associated with start-ups is to purchase a business that is already well established. However, despite the fact that the business already exists, this task can be exciting, daunting and stressful and it requires careful consideration.

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