Essentials.jpg      Starting and running a small business is a massive commitment.  Unlike big businesses that can hire legions of staff to perform all sorts of roles, small business owners end up doing most jobs.  This section provides insight into some key issues for every small owner to think about.

Deciding on an accountant or bookkeeper 12 June, 2013
Just because you run your own business doesn't mean you are a financial guru. It is not uncommon to find yourself staring at your financial statements struggling to make sense of everything and you may find it easier to employ the services of an accountant or bookkeeper to help you out. But who do you call and is there even a difference between the two?
Four questions to ask when preparing a contract 06 June, 2013
Contracts are a vital cog of any business as they provide security and proof of agreements made by two separate parties. They offer your business protection on the unlikely occasion one party decides to breach an agreement that had originally been made.
How to prepare a business continuity plan 20 May, 2013
Don't let a setback turn your business into a permanent failure. The saying  it's better to look ahead and prepare, than to look back and regret rings true in any situation, and you'll find that creating a business continuity plan  will enable your business to endure future crises.
5 ways to prospect better 07 May, 2013
A successful sales strategy not only involves looking after your clients, but also includes successfully converting leads to prospects. Here are five easy tips on how to improve your prospecting strategies.
5 reasons to buy a franchise 06 May, 2013
Buying a franchise is generally considered to be less risk than starting a business from scratch, but have you ever sat down and actually considered the pros? Here are 5 reasons to consider buying a franchise.
End of financial year tax tips 02 May, 2013
With a month to go until the end of the 2013 financial year, it's time to start getting your financial paperwork into shape. Here are 10 quick tips to follow for a stress-free EOFY.
Privacy awareness: managing your customer data 01 May, 2013
Cyber-hacks into your database can result in customer information being stolen and used for identity theft purposes. With Privacy Awareness Week 2013 underway, it's time to reinforce the importance of properly managing your customer data through our 5 quick tips.
5 ways to handle difficult customers 23 April, 2013
Customer is king, and as a result small businesses have to treat their customers with respect while standing their ground. Here are five tips on how to do just that.
Married to the business: What to watch out for 22 April, 2013
Doing  business with your spouse or partner inevitably spawns a set of problems different to ones faced by sole traders or parent-children businesses, particularly when the pressures of running a business collide with marital stresses.  Read on for the  four common problems faced by couples in business and how to solve them.  
My business expansion checklist 19 April, 2013
Business growth doesn't occur overnight  - it's the result of careful business planning, high-performing team members, innovative ideas and hard work. Here's a simple business expansion checklist to help you identify areas of growth and work towards improving them.

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