Hiring new staff
Staff are an important part of every business, however for SMEs they can really make or break a team. With a small group of people working closely together, having the right mix of skills and personalities is absolutely critical to your success. So, here are some things you need to consider before you set out hiring new employees:

1. Understand what you have to offer an employee: Look at your business and ask yourself objectively: what can my business offer a prospective employee?

Don't aim to be an employer of choice by chasing after the latest fad -  look for the employee of choice because you need to ensure that  employees fit your culture.
2. Think about the role you need: If the position has just been vacated (that is, it's not a new role), always ask yourself the following two questions:

  • Do I really need to fill this role?
  • Does my business still require exactly the same skill set?

By thinking these things through before diving right in and filling a vacancy  you may save your business money. You could also put yourself in a  better position to tackle something new by acquiring an employee with a  different skill set.

3. Think about the person and skills you need: Look at the team the new person will be joining. Team dynamics change over time so you need to consider what strengths and personality traits the new member needs. 

For example, your sales team might be full of great account managers but  you don't have a good new business person. Or, your IT team might be  full of great developers, but what your business really needs is a business  analyst / account manager.

4. Don't under or overcook the salary: Getting the salary right is important - it is important to your costs that you don't overpay and it is important to the potential employee that you don't underpay. The best advice about setting a salary is to benchmark it by looking at an online employment site and see what similar roles are paying.

5. Be prepared so you can get your new employees up and running quickly: Have you got a good induction program in place for your new employee, so that you can get your new team member up to speed as quickly as possible? You will also require a good plan which outlines how their time should be spent, what they need to achieve and within what timeframes. The sooner you get them going the more productive your business will be and, the quicker they will really feel like part of the team.

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