Holding on to your best employees - part one

When running an SME it's perfectly natural to delegate a host of tasks to employees in order to keep the ball rolling. Whether they are accounting professionals or retail specialists, your employees play an integral role in defining your business success.

However, it's not uncommon for your employees to continue their job hunt even while they are employed. Alternatively, they may even be offered a proposal for a better wage and different role at another company they are familiar with. If these are staff members you value highly it may become all too stressful trying to convince them to stay.

So how do you combat promises of increased pay and what can you do to keep your staff on board? We've sourced some easy to follow tips below that will help you keep your staff on board in a cost effective way.

Create an honest environment

How much you pay your employees won't always determine how happy they are in their current role. Generally speaking the happier your employees are the more likely they are to stay put. One such way to build happiness and loyalty is by creating an honest environment where employees can approach you and openly discuss any issues they are facing. Fostering an honest environment for your employees will effectively maintain their happiness by limiting the possibility of personal issues in the workplace.

Interact with your staff

If you are committed to keeping hold of your best talent it's important you show appreciation for their excellent work and always make an effort to make them feel valued. Even a simple "thank you" can speak volumes to the work your staff is putting in. By acknowledging their efforts you not only add value to their role, you also recognise their contribution to the business. If your staff feels like they are playing an integral role in building your company they are more likely to stick around and grow with it. If you feel like your interaction with staff needs improvement, there are tips available online to help you become a better leader in the workplace.

Career Development

Although happiness and value can be influential factors when keeping your best employees, ultimately your staff needs to feel challenged in order to keep their work interesting. You should take the time to speak to your staff and understand their aspirations to see if you can provide an avenue for them to pursue their dreams. By making the appropriate training available you not only further develop their skillset you also inherit a valuable resource to help push your business forward in the right direction.

Looking for more information? Next week we'll look at three more tips to keep your employees happy, challenged and more importantly employed at your workplace!

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