Tips for naming your business

We all know the cliché; first impressions last, so when you decide to introduce a new brand, develop a startup or rebrand one of your current lines, the proof could be in the name.

The naming process can often be a long and arduous task capable of creating multiple headaches. If this process sounds all too familiar, here are five tips that can help you find a suitable name.

Don't choose a limiting name

When naming your business always keep the future in mind. Although it's a simple to call the business 'John's Auto Repairs', you should think long term and consider how the name could affect the selling value or potential business growth in the future.

Ensure it's unique

Before you decide on your name and start celebrating the start of your business, it's best to ensure that the name is available to be used. Visit the ABN registry and run a search of the suggested names you want to use.

In the instance the name is taken don't panic as sometimes simple modifications to the name can keep it relevant. The most important thing is that you ensure your name isn't already taken by a potential competitor.

Think about word play

Word play or pun is a great way to be catchy and attract customers to your business's personality. If taking this path try to make it relevant to your brand and the industry.

With that in mind, it's also a good idea to be cautious when opting for pun as a failed attempt could be immediately damaging for your business reputation.

Be careful with initials

Your name should endeavor to provide an insight into your business or even create intrigue for potential customers. Names based on initials are often too easy and uninspiring. Sure some of the most successful businesses have names that are simply initials, but they were pioneers of their market so in order to stay interesting try to avoid taking the same approach.

Think SEO

As your business grows you will most likely want to take it online as well. Think about how unique your business name is and how easy it will be for potential customers to find your site.

It's very rare an SME will feature at the top of search page rankings so it's best to create a name unique to the industry that will improve your chances of appearing on the first page of Google.

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