Top 10 tips for hiring new staff - part one

As your SME starts to establish a growing customer base you will often find it hard to source time to complete your mounting pile of daily tasks. If you are serious about further growth and reaching your business goals you may find that you have to hire additional staff to help better spread the workload throughout your team.

The following is the first five of our 10 essential tips to help your recruitment process:

1. Recruit based on attitude and passion, not qualifications

While qualifications are essential - you should seek people with relevant experience - but also a team member that will fit with the overall culture of your business. You will rarely find yourself in the position where you need to hire a staff member with a particular skill set or qualification. Therefore, it's much better to consider the personality of applicants rather than their overall qualifications. The last thing you want is to end up with a challenging employee.

Your interview questions should therefore be set up to help you determine the overall character of each applicant. By being able to determine what makes each applicant 'tick', you will be able to make a more careful selection and can hire someone who is a better fit for your business culture.

2. Broaden your search

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a candidate that best suits the needs of your business. In order to find the best selection of candidates it's important not to limit your search. For instance, it's easy to post your job advert on a popular website like Seek and then wait for the applicants to come to you. The more applicants you get the more specific you can be in determining who you want to employ.Opening up your job network allows you to make a more careful selection.

3. Look for referrals

Your current staff force is a great resource when you are looking to employ someone. In most cases there will be certain staff members whose work ethic you hold in high regard. It's a good idea to source referrals from these employees as they will often have friends with a similar work ethic. Remember, if you do make a hiring on the back of one of their recommendations, you should reward the staff member who made the original referral.  Rewarding employees for their referrals and bringing in people they like to work with could be crucial in retaining good staff.

4. Clearly define the requirements of the job

In order to find a candidate that will be able to help ease your workload, you should clearly define what you need from your candidate prior to advertising or conducting interviews. It's still important that they fit in with the current business culture, but they won't do you much good if they aren't able to fulfill the requirements of the job.By determining their previous experience you will be able select a candidate that will contribute from the first day.

5. Don't hire your clone

In recruitment, it's easy to fall into the trap of hiring people who emulate qualities similar to our own. Many employers make the mistake of hiring a candidate with a very similar personality to their own or someone that they like on a personal level. Although this seems like a great way to build your business and develop a healthy culture it can sometimes have an adverse effect, as businesses require a diverse range of people with different knowledge and opinions in order to remain competitive and grow.

Stay tuned for part two of the Top 10 tips for hiring new staff�

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