Top 10 tips for hiring new staff - part two

Adding staff members to your team is vital to the success of any business, especially those looking to have continuous growth.

Last week we provided you with some key tips to consider when hiring extra staff, below are five more tips to ensure you make the right selection for your business.

6. Be thorough

When making the decision to hire a new employee the recruitment process can often drag out. In order to avoid hiring the wrong candidate and completing the process all over again it's important that you don't skip a step when recruiting a potential employee.

Make sure you complete a thorough reference check on each candidate you are seriously considering after completing your interviews and be mindful that candidates will select references that appeal to them, so ask for the contact details of a previous manager. Being thorough will allow you to gain a better understanding of who your potential employees are, but it's important to understand that there is such a thing as being too thorough.

7. Utilise your staff for assistance

Sometimes the best way to separate the good candidates from the bad is to utilise the assistance of people who may know the job better than you. It's highly likely your staff will have the best understanding of the particular role being filled and will be better positioned to determine the serious candidates as a result.

By including your staff in the process you acknowledge their value to your business and immediately show candidates an opportunity for career development. However, your staff should only be there to serve as assistance and the final decision has to be yours.

8. When possible, give potential employees a realistic preview of the job

The last thing you want to do is hire a candidate who had an unrealistic expectation of what their role was going to be. These candidates are likely to be unhappy moving forward and ultimately won't be around long.

If possible, use a second interview to walk potential employees around the office, factory or warehouse and have them sit amongst yourself and the staff to get a better understanding of the daily tasks. The other benefit in doing so is that you get to see how the candidate interacts with other employees and can define whether they are a good fit for your working culture.

9. Be open about remuneration

Talking about remuneration can be a touchy subject many business owners skip out of fear of offending people. However, it's important that you distinguish the salary you will be providing your future employee from the moment you place your job ad. By being transparent and upfront you will be able to sort through the best candidates that fit your budget and save yourself the painful task of turning down a great candidate who will cost you $10,000 more.

10. Don't be intimidated. Hire people more capable than you are!

Just because you run a successful business doesn't mean you are perfect for every position. A good manager will be able to put his ego aside and hire the right people to contribute to the growth of the business. Remember, your business is only as strong as your team is, and if your hire a mediocre team you will end up running a mediocre business.

Can't decide if you'll need permanent assistance or just someone for a specific timeframe? It might be worth considering the benefit of employment contracts.

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