Am I cut out to work on my own?

Starting your own business, being your own boss, setting your own rules - it sounds like an ideal situation doesn't it? But is it really the right thing for you? For some people running their own small business truly is their dream job but for others, it can be a lonely and often times miserable experience.

Before you make the decision to start your own business or purchase an existing operation ask yourself a few questions to see whether you are cut out for working on your own:

  • In what way may my behaviours impact my business (positively or negatively)?
  • Am I a good problem solver?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • Will I get enough interaction with others to maintain sufficient mental stimulation?
  • Can I strike the balance between freedom and discipline?
  • Do I need a mentor to help me troubleshoot issues or can I work through them on my own?

The answers to these questions will put you in a better position to determine whether going it alone is the right option for you.

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