Do I have sufficient funds to run my own business?

It is common for small business start-ups to begin operating with a limited pool of funds that would only keep them operational for a few weeks or months. This is often not the best approach as it takes time for a new firms to get established, get noticed and start making sales.

Some firms can be lucky enough to take on customers very quickly and start growing their business from day one even without having a pool of funds in reserve as a back up. That said, this group is very rare!

I'm sure you've heard the stats on how many businesses fail within the first year and depending on who is telling the story this number has a tendency to change. BUT, the important thing to note is that the vast majority of those that do fail do so because of a lack of funding to help them ride out the initial start-up storm.

Don't let your business become a statistic - be prepared! 

Find out more about the funding options available to SMEs >>

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