How many times should you contact late payers before going to a debt collector?

Every client is different and consequently it is difficult to apply a set number of contacts that should be made before a debt is referred to a collections agency for further action. Rather than thinking about how many times a debtor has been contacted it is often useful to consider whether the process that has been used is effective.

An effective process is characterised by:

  • The prompt issuance of invoices.
  • Monitoring of accounts receivable to ensure that you are ready to chase accounts as soon as they become overdue.
  • The gradual escalation of pressure on your debtors (this could include a polite reminder as a bill is nearing its due date).

If your process is efficient and effective and you have exhausted your options in trying to recoup the debt it may be time to call in the experts. A reputable debt collector can help you to collect your overdue accounts, leaving you to focus on other areas of your business. Don't wait until your account is 120 days overdue to ask for help - the sooner you call the experts the sooner you get paid.

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