Five media options for your marketing plan

As a SME owner it's highly likely you have spent a lot of time trying to identify your typical customer and how you can attract them. Identifying the target customers you most often do business with allows you to streamline your marketing activity and cater it to a particular customer segment.

However, it's common for SME owners to spend most of their time focusing on who their customers are and not enough on how they plan to reach them. Below are five different media options available that can help spread your business message and reach out to a more specific audience.

Paid media

Paid media refers to any option that involves your business paying an external resource to promote a message. The most common paid media option for small businesses are local newspapers and trade newsletters because more sophisticated publications usually require bigger marketing budgets.

Owned media

This refers to the media assets you own. This can be anything from a website you operate to the pages you moderate on social media. Owned media is a great option for businesses trying to market on a shoe string budget with minimal fuss.

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Earned media

Earned media is most typical in public relations and is a great option to promote your brand without splashing out on marketing. Earned media refers to the instance someone else shares your brand message andthere are several ways to secure earned media from sending out media releases to making yourself available at key speaking events.

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Trade media

Another good marketing option is to partner up with another brand and trade assets to help maximise the potential of your message. This is a cost effective way to market your brand as you can share the owned media of another brand and also split any potential paid media costs.

Shared media

This is quickly becoming a common trend in the marketing world. Shared media occurs when customers or other brand pages share your message or information across multiple platforms.

In order to maximise the output of your marketing strategy you should try and attach a share option whenever possible on your website. Although Facebook and Twitter are owned media, the share and retweet options ultimately make them shared media as well.

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