Non-negotiable steps to social media success

Every day more small businesses are jumping on the social media train and who can blame them given the benefits of owning a Facebook or Twitter page.

Social media offers an ideal marketing solution for companies looking to grow andalso gives business owners the opportunity to build a continuous relationship with customers that can't be offered through face to face sales.

According to the most recent MYOB Business Monitor report, one in five business owners use social media and those using it are 56 per cent more likely to see a revenue rise as a result. Given the importance of social media in today's marketing activity, we've sourced five non-negotiable social media steps, as outlined on Dynamic Business, that you must follow in order to help assure your chance of success.

Find a platform that works for you

There are a range of social media platforms available today and the platform that produces the best results for you will depend largely on your target audience. A good way to determine which social media will be best suited to your audience is by surveying your current customers and identifying which platform they most consistently use.

Generally Facebook  or Twitter will be the most common options, but sometimes for more visual content YouTube and Pinterest can be a great choice.

Listen first

Joining Facebook or Twitter can be exciting for a new business as they look to grow their customer base and build a stronger brand identity. However, it's easy for brands to get lost in the excitement and start posting with no real direction. Therefore it's important that you always review the current conversations occurring online before posting your own content.

Reviewing competitors and other industry relevant pages can help you determine the type of content that is most likely to engage your audience.

Content is king

The hardest thing about building a successful social media page is creating content that will interest your audience and encourage engagement between your customer base. When developing content it's important to mirror the topics or type of content that worked for your competitors. Innovating already proven content techniques is a great way to establish your social media page right from the start.

Streamline your social media activity

Trying to juggle your social media activity with all the other tasks required from a small business owner can be difficult, but there are tools available to simplify the process.

If your business operates over more than one of the platforms you should look to consolidate your activity into one platform. Tools such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social,allow you to manage Facebook, Twitter and other channels in one location and is a great way to save time.

Work to a time limit

Even for a business owner social media can become addictive, especially if your page is successful and has a high level of engagement. It's important that you limit your hours spent online early on. Outline what you expect to achieve from your social media campaign and then focus on setting a time frame on how many hours you require to achieve your goals.

Don't get caught waiting for responses or results, and ensure that you only work on your social media marketing in the time frame you have allocated to yourself.


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