Five reasons your website is failing


Succeeding online isn't as simple as many SME owners initially think it should be. Many small business owners often confuse the concept of a cost effective marketing strategy with a simple approach for building success. In some instances it's this casual approach that can lead to business failure, in other cases it may be circumstances beyond the control of the business.

The most important thing is that you provide your website with the tools and resources necessary to confirm its chance of succeeding. We've sourced five common reasons that your website might be failing and how you can fix them to improve your traffic.

Inadequate resources

Maintaining a website takes a lot of work and in some cases it's easier to share the work load across multiple employees. Identify if you will have the time and money necessary to create a great site from the start as there's no point committing to a strategy if you don't have the resources to follow through.

Too basic

There's no doubt that keeping it simple is a great strategy, but it's common for websites to fail for sticking to close to the previous successful template. In order to make an impact think outside the box and try to design a simple site that still steps outside the industry comfort zone.

Lack of patience

Business websites don't develop a following overnight, so it's essential you develop a patient approach when building your site and its traffic. The online market is saturated with competition from all over the world so be persistent but patient when trying to push through.

Lack of motivation

There's not much point committing to the idea of a website if you lack motivation and a halfhearted approach could actually be detrimental to your brand's reputation. Maintaining an online presence can be time consuming and monotonous, but it's absolutely essential you maintain your motivation in order to regularly update your page. If you're struggling for motivation, try employing the services of a digital marketing assistant to confirm a stronger chance of success.

Looking to motivate your employees, here arefive ways to motivate your employees on the cheap!

Failing to evolve

The internet is forever changing with new trends and platforms evolving every day. Even in the instance you nail your first strategy, it can easily become outdated in a matter of months or weeks. As a result, it's a good idea to constantly evaluate your current position and keep your online strategy open for change.

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