Four key benefits of running a business blog

If your SME is active online and in the social space there is a high chance you have thought about developing a blog to accompany your online marketing activities.

It's easy to get by online with just a Facebook and Twitter account, but blogs allow you to voice your thoughts more extensively in your own environment. Blogs from companies and brands are also much less intrusive options which make them more trustworthy and interesting to those who visit the site.

The most important thing is that you commit to your blog from the very beginning. A good blog will require time and effort as it constantly has to be updated to be considered fresh and interesting.

Below we've sourced four key benefits of running a business blog to help you determine if the end result is worth the effort.

Enhanced visibility for your business

The major benefit of running a business blog is that it markets your brand to customers and ensures you remain visible to those that are visiting your site. What this means is next time your customer is in the need for a product or service, they will include your brand in the decision making process because the interaction with the blog means it's fresh in their mind.

Improved customer interaction

Those visitors that do frequent your site will have an opinion and in some cases will feel the need to express it in the comments section of your blog. This is a great opportunity to get to know your customer base and the thought process of those that operate in it. However, you should remember that not all feedback on your blog will be positive.

The important thing is that you consider all feedback and use it to make minor changes to improve your blog and business. Remember, the more personal you make your customer relationships, the more likely they are to become repeat customers.

Humanise your brand

Although many customers are turning online to make their purchases, one of the major challenges in the online retail environment is replicating the same customer experience people can get in person.

Whether your business does actually conduct business online or offline, a blog allows you the opportunity to connect with customers in a way that online stores can't. By attaching a name and opinion to your blog you can effectively humanise your brand and increase the appeal of your product to customers.

Point of differentiation

Your blog acts as an opportunity for you to become a thought leader in your industry, especially in the case where your competitors aren't blogging yet. As we mentioned, blogs are a great way to interact with customers as the communication takes place in a different and less formal environment.If your competitors aren't online yet you are immediately at an advantage because they aren't having the same interactions you are.

Alternatively, if your competitors are already blogging, try looking at the topics being discussed to see what works for them and what doesn't. A good way to determine this is by analysing the blog posts that receive the most engagement from consumers and planning your own blog around that.

Effective content will ultimately determine the success of your blog, so try and have an idea about what you will include from the start.Remembering to keep it interesting and engaging, blogging aboutnew products and services, current trends, news and customer interests is a good start.

Want to learn more about creating a brand profile online? Here are some useful tips for how you can maximise the potential of your business website.

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