Making social media work for you

With the rapid growth of the online social world there exists a common perception that your business won't be successful unless it has an influence over different social media platforms. However, there are a list of both pros and cons for why you should or shouldn't be online.

Leading US business website recently looked further into the growing desire to head to social media and why it may not be ideal for your particular business to follow suit.

Ultimately the worst thing you can do is jump into the social media circle just because everyone else is doing it. In order to decide whether social media can contribute to your business growth you have to determine two key factors:

What are your business objectives?

For some businesses having a public profile to maintain may not be in their best interest. You should first determine if your company is a private brand or one that can effectively contribute to the online conversation.

There are three key questions to ask about your business before diving into social media:

  • Is your business intuitively "social"?
  • Is social media a forced-fit or does it come naturally?
  • Does your line of work make sense to be in the public domain?

Know your customers

If your customers are a part of the ongoing conversation about the industry you operate in then it may make sense to connect with them online. However, some more private businesses will be less open about their day-to-day operations and if they make up a large part of your customer base it could be better to maintain your offline status.

Some key questions to ask about your customer base are:

  • Is your customer intuitively "social"?
  • Is it natural to connect with them in social channels?
  • Will they feel comfortable interacting with you publically?

The key thing to determine is the best social media platforms that will work for your business. Next week we'll look at the different social media platforms available and discuss how to make them work for you.

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