Partnership marketing

By Graham McGregor, marketing consultant and the creator of the 'Unfair Business Advantage Report.

Often in business it can be easier to get the help of other people to achieve a marketing goal, rather than try and do everything yourself. The reason is simple.

Each of us in business has a limited amount of resources that we can use for marketing. So when we team up with other businesses, our combined resources can often allow us to accomplish more from working together than we could achieve by ourselves.

And that leads me to a simple strategy I call 'Partnership Marketing.' It works like this.

Step One:

Identify 8-10 other businesses who have similar types of clients to your business. Let's say you are a printer and you have a lot of business owners as clients. Your list of other businesses might include organisations like a:

  • signwriting firm
  • commercial photographer
  • accountant
  • website designer
  • advertising consultant.

Step Two:

Approach each business and suggest you create a short reference guide together. This guide will contain helpful 'how to' advice from each business. Give the guide you create a catchy title, eg. 'The insider's guide to business success'.

Step Three:

Ask each business to provide a helpful two page article with tips that a reader will find useful. In the 'Insider's guide to business success' you might have articles like these:

  • a signwriter shares three ways to use signs to promote your business
  • a website designer gives four keys to a successful website
  • an accountant has two helpful tips to improve business profits.

Step Four:

Have each business invest a small amount of money (say $200-$300 each.) This will cover the costs of having the guide produced. You will need people to edit the articles, layout the guide so it looks good etc. (and if have you a combined budget of $2,000-$3,000, this allows you to get good people to do these types of things for you).

Step Five:

Have each business share the completed guide with their own database.This is a key part of the partnership marketing process. I recommend you share this helpful 'how to' guide in a digital format, so clients can read and download it from your website.

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