Three apps to improve your business efficiency

Unfortunately there is no secret formula to running a business. Every task has a different set of requirements and sometimes it can all seem very overwhelming.

Keeping track of your daily activities and finances can be particularly challenging, but with the rapid growth of mobile technology in recent years, and more specifically the introduction of apps, managing your business operation has never been easier.

Apps offer a convenient way to organise and track your daily activity, and are becoming more prevalent everyday. Here are three business apps that can improve your business efficiency and simplify your own role as an SME owner.

Remember The Milk

The list of things to do for an SME owner will often seem endless and difficult to maintain. Remember The Milk is an app created by two self-confessed "desperately disorganized" people to help simplify their task management. The app synchs all your tasks to one platform and is capable of organising all your priorities, calendar events, to do lists and due dates in one convenient location.

Quick Books

This is a great app for those who struggle to keep track of their cash inflows and outflows. Quick Books is an app that comes complete with a double entry accounting system so you can record your transactions at the convenience of your fingertips. Capable of invoicing customers, tracking expenses, recording sales receipts and more, this app will also help you make better business decisions due to more accurate budgets and forecasting.

Office Time

If you have several customers and struggle to keep track of who you invoice and when, then this app could be very useful for you. Office Time is especially useful for SMEs that provide a service as it tracks the billable hours you work and other expenses involved. The app will show the minute-by-minute costs as they accumulate and is capable of rounding numbers to simplify your invoicing.

Mobile technology has taken the business world by storm, here are some more ways you can use your mobile for business.


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