Three collaborative consumption movements to help your SME

Collaborative consumption, also known as the sharing economy, refers to the renting, swapping or lending of goods and services instead of buying them. This particular method of conducting business is a more traditional marketing technique that has enjoyed a rise in popularity yet again on the back of advances made in social media technology.

Many people don't know about the resources available to them so we've sourced three great collaborative consumptions movements that can help kick-start your involvement in this marketing activity.


As an SME owner you may have had days or busy periods of business where you wish you had the additional help without the need to actually hire someone. Airtasker is a collaborative consumption movement that allows users of the site to review the tasks you have posted online and make a bid or offer on how much they would require for the subsequent service.

Essentially you can review bids and hire someone for the task without the need to ever add additional employees.

Hub Australia

Many SME owners long for the office environment without having the money to actually source a convenient location. Hub Australia is an online service that allows small business owners to find collaborative workplaces in Australia and connect with a network of like-minded professionals.

With a range of workspaces available, for individuals or teams, sites like Hub Australia are helping to reduce the cost for start-ups.

Open Shed

Resources are often hard to come by when starting up your own business and sometimes renting brand new equipment may not be an option giving budget constraints. Open Shed is a collaborative consumption movement that promotes the renting and sharing of items and equipment within the community. This site is ideal for short term needs or one off rentals, such as equipment needed for launch parties or other specific events.

Starting a small business is always a challenge as is finding the resources necessary to get you started. Collaborative consumption is a great way to start out and also fill any short term needs your business may have.

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