Every small business owner knows that effective marketing is critical to business success.  There's no point having a great product or service if no one knows about it. However, many small businesses are daunted by the marketing process, unsure where to start and what it might all cost.

The good news is that small businesses don't necessarily need lots of money for their marketing. There are some marketing basics that every small business can follow to start their marketing campaign and build their profile.

Following is a wealth of information on small business marketing from building a brand to managing a direct mail campaign and growing sales.

Seasonal selling 13 January, 2015
As  small business owners  look ahead at another year, here are some tips on how to ride seasonal trends and  exploit  repeat events and moments  on the calendar.
Why your business should be using Pinterest and Instagram 07 November, 2014
Small business owners may consider Pinterest and Instagram  to be just another social media channel,  but they can have immense benefits to your marketing function and brand reputation.
How to get noticed on Twitter 29 October, 2014
Provided you have an internet connection, Twitter, and other social media, is a free marketing tool with an almost limitless audience.
Email marketing pitfalls: part 1 25 September, 2014
It's the low-cost marketing technique that can still help you reach thousands of potential customers - but more often than not, business owners find it difficult to use email marketing to build loyalty and sales.
Better networking 05 September, 2014
Fostering meaningful and lasting relationships is instrumental to creating a successful business, whether you �™re in the business-to-business or business-to-consumer sector.
5 tips to develop an elevator pitch 25 July, 2014
Everyone has heard of an 'elevator pitch'; a brief but persuasive summary of a business or business idea, used to spark an initial interest in a product, service or concept. Here are some simple steps to get your elevator pitch in order.
Making networking work for your business 20 June, 2014
Networking isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. It  isn't something where you just flip the switch, hand out cards and get business.
Five marketing methods to grow your home business 26 May, 2014
Whether starting a new business for a hobby or as a full time venture,  it's common for many SMEs to start their journey in a home office. However, building awareness and trust can often be the biggest hurdles a home business will face.
Three blog posts that work 12 May, 2014
Starting a blog and making the decision to try and draw an audience to your brand online can be a great support to business growth. Drawing attention to your blog can depend on a range of variables, such as how often you post or what  you post about.
Building customer loyalty 07 November, 2014
Small business owners may consider Pinterest and Instagram    to be just another social media channel,    but they can have immense benefits to your marketing function and brand reputation.


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