Businesses look beyond Budget 05 May, 2015
While this month's Federal Budget appears of little concern, weak demand and consumer confidence are weighing on Australian businesses, which have again lowered their near-term expectations.
Business outlook cools 03 February, 2015
After reporting a strong end to the year the business sector has trimmed its short-term outlook for sales and profits, while indicating plans to increase employment.
Beware of an invoice email scam seeking payment re-direction. 21 January, 2015
SCAMwatch is warning Australian businesses to beware of an invoice email scam seeking payment re-direction.
Prices on the rise 06 January, 2015
After easing in the lead-up to Christmas, prices are expected to begin rising this year with 31 per cent of businesses intending to lift their selling prices in the first quarter, while just four per cent will discount.
Sentiment outstrips results 02 December, 2014
The recent performance of Australian businesses is failing to meet their own expectations as a continuation of below-trend growth in the economy begins to impact reported activity this year.
Payment times return to pre-GFC levels 20 November, 2014
According to Dun & Bradstreet's Trade Payments Analysis, businesses settled their accounts in an average of 51.7 days during Q3 2014, with the proportion of invoices paid within standard terms (1-30 days) lifting to 54 per cent.
Business activity to lift in 2015 04 November, 2014
This year's gradually improving business outlook looks set to continue into 2015, with the latest survey of Australian firms revealing that an increasing number expect to lift their sales and profits, sell their goods and services at higher prices, and invest more in their operations during the first quarter of the New Year.
Businesses look for a Christmas boost 07 October, 2014
Business owners are optimistic about seeing a jump in sales during the run-up to Christmas, with retailers and the services industry lifting their forecasts for the final quarter of the year despite signs that consumer confidence in Australia is faltering.
More businesses paid on time 30 September, 2014
After jumping to a three-year high during the first quarter of 2014, the average time taken for commercial invoices to be paid has fallen sharply to 53.4 days as business get their finances back in order and pay more of their bills within standard terms.
Bright outlook for business profits 02 September, 2014
Business earnings are expected to return to pre-GFC highs during the final three months of this year on the back of sustained levels of optimism and healthy sales forecasts, with retailers particularly upbeat about increasing their profits.

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