Australia in top 6 for acquisition deals

Australia recorded the sixth highest volume of acquisition deals in 2012 compared to the rest of the world, ahead of China but beaten by the US, UK and India.

These findings are derived from Australian venture capital firm, Right Click Capital, whose database monitors angel investment, venture capital and private equity investment as well as mergers and acquisition activity. Their Internet DealBook report found that in 2012, total acquisition value rose by 258 per cent in the Asia-Pacific region year-on-year. The average value of a deal ranged from $70 to $200 million.

Although Australia's 85 deals were a far cry from the 3000 deals recorded in the US, its number six position was helped along partly by multimillion transactions such as APN News & Media Limited's investment in online shopping club BrandsExclusive, as well as by Optus' $230 million acquisition of internet company Vividwireless.

The total number of global acquisitions was 4150, with the US generating the bulk of acquisitions, followed by the UK with 214 deals and India with 117 deals. Canada had 93 deals and Germany had 88 deals.

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