ETS delayed by Government


The Federal Government's decision to delay the carbon pollution reduction scheme until 2013 has been positively viewed by business groups around the country. Many believe that the decision to delay the schemes will particularly allow small businesses to better prepare for the impact of the new legislation.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced yesterday the legislation would be delayed until at least next year, and that the beginning of any new scheme would be delayed until 2013. The Government also stated that the Government will wait until the first phases of the Kyoto Protocol expire in 2012 before implementing the first elements of the scheme.

Many business groups believe that the previous legislation would have seen smaller business being forced to pay extra costs to keep in line with new regulations. Additionally many businesses felt that much greater education was required to better understand how the scheme would actually work.

Irrespective of the issues related to costs most business groups believe that more work needs to be done to understand how any climate change scheme will impact business. Most observers believe that any new scheme will need to be carefully scrutinised before proceeding. As an initial step, the Government is expected to draw some new carbon reduction policies from its energy efficiency taskforce report due mid year.


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