Help is at hand for NSW small businesses

The NSW Small Business Commissioner is helping small firms work collaboratively with local government, lobby for labelling regulation and assist businesses in their dealings with corporations and government bodies, among others.

A series of case studies released by the NSW Small Business Commissioner presents various crises faced by the small business sector and how the Commissioner has worked to help them. For example, one scenario showed traders concerned about how infrastructure works on a major retail strip would affect their business. In this case, the Commissioner organised for the upgrade works to be postponed to a more favourable time for traders, as well as brokered an agreement for the infrastructure provider to work in shorter stages and at night, to minimise the negative impact on businesses.

Another case study involved new labelling regulations that required businesses to place adhesive stickers on packaging, warranty cards, terms and conditions or manuals and failure to comply would cost businesses up to $50,000 per offence. The Commissioner, who was approached by a law firm representing small businesses, lobbied the ACCC for a more reasonable approach. This resulted in the ACCC allowing retailers to use prominent point-of-sale signs outlining the changes instead of re-labelling all products.

Other case studies can be viewed on the NSW Small Business Commissioner website  and you can contact the Commissioner on or on 1300 795 534.

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